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Hello World

  Hello All I have been in the mobile games industry for a total of 1 year and 4 months now and have worked at 3 studios thus far in my career . This has been an insane year and the titles I have worked on include Avattire ,  Colonel Kart Racers( an unreleased mobile racing title), Flavor Monsters, Monsterology, Animal Planet : Wildlands, and some light QA work on snow white and the Huntsman : Escape From the Dark Forest as well as a small team exercise in which we developed ” The Loading bar game”.  It’s been a very wild ride so far  and I look forward to the future with a ton of anticipation as to what’s next.

Welcome to my blog, my name is Jonathan Jennings and I am a junior game programmer who has experience across several platforms and engines but am current a mobile / app-game developer utilizing the unity 3D engine at Black ops Entertainment.  Feel free to read my blog as i grow as a developer hopefully in both skill and knowledge and feel free to e-mail me ( if you want to chat about jobs, games , or just to network.

This blog is  dedicated to the far less pretty side of game development A.K.A programming but ultimately  the most important part of what i do . If you would like to see pretty images, Gameplay, etc. please go to my portfolio   HERE   @  and if you would like to ty my games please visit my games website HERE.  So feel free to look at my code  and hopefully I can teach others who read this as i continue to learn myself !

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  1. Nicholas Lawler / Nov 2 2011

    I would like to learn from you about C++ enough to start a massive project like LUSTERNIA. is the game that I have played and would love to learn from you!

  2. yhuk76652 / May 8 2012

    We was going to provide feedback your blog together with point out the I truly liked checking your site article the following. It had been especially useful and i as well reddit a task develop! Continue the good work plus Perilous return to read simple things alot more soon enough special someone

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